The Magic Hour

by Super User
on 29.04.2016

The Magic Hour

In film and photography, there are two times of day in which exists a Magic Hour. When the sun is 6 degrees from the horizon, the resulting natural light is such that images taken during this time are imbued with specialness.


If seasons may be compared to hours of the day, we are in a Magic Hour for running. We are on the precipice between winter and true spring wherein mornings are chilly, nights are cold, and the wind may blow, but on a few precious days the sunlight is warm and the weather is so perfect for running one is compelled to do so.

Maintained distance is the runner’s reward for holding steadfast through brutal  winter months, and the grueling heat of summer makes one mentally and physically tough;  this time of the year is just a joy to run in.

Now is the time to be inspired and be ambitious. Now is the time to set goals for the upcoming race season. Now is the time to simply get outside and go.


Embrace the soft sunlight and cooler temps while you can, friends, for it is fleeting and it is fine and it will be gone before we know it. 


*photo credit "Daybreak." by Leif Løndal on

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