The Metro Milers are a club composed of runners and walkers at varying levels of experience and deliberation. If you are looking to increase your number of days running or distances covered, there's nothing like the company of other runners to make the pursuit better! 

A. Don't sell yourself short; if you are out there moving, you are already lapping those on the couch!

B. Absolutely!

Again, we represent a range of abilities in our group. Some people are coming off of their first couch to 5K, some have taken time off due to injury and that LIFE thing that likes to interfere with training, and some are machines that can set a steady pace and go for hours.

C. If you want to become faster, again, there's nothing like training with others to help one step up their game. 

Our group is made of up kind, supportive, hilarious people who will welcome you with enthusiasm, and possibly become some of your new best friends.

Doesn't that sound like a community you want to join???



Seriously. Drop us a line! Let us know what you want to know.